2019 In-ground Pool Vinyl Liners

Selecting your replacement vinyl liner for your in-ground pool is your chance to determine the look of your whole backyard. The liner is the most visible element in your pool. Fox Pools & Spas offers a wide variety of patterns and options that allow you to customize your liner, to fit your pool and how to use it.

Water Color


Choosing the water color is one of the most important decisions in selecting the liner pattern. To help make your decision less complicated, we have classified our patterns according to the water color. The icons, in the key below, can provide you with a start. The depth of the pool, it’s shape, the landscaping that surrounds it and the amount of light it receives also contribute to water color.

Thickness Options


20mil wall and 20mil floor is the best combination for most pool environments. 20/20 is also the best thickness combination for complicated pool shapes and features.


By combining a 27mil wall and a 20mil floor you can add more strength to the wall of the liner which bears the most weight.


The 27mil wall and 27mil floor combination is an extreme liner for extreme conditions. If your previous liner failed due to freezing temperatures or if you have a rough surface on the floor of your pool, this option may be necessary.

Have questions? Feel free to give Becca our Inground Liner Replacement Specialist a call!

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